Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A picture a Day

Springtime moves quickly. I could take a picture a day of the dogwoods and it would be different. Once things start blooming and coming out of the ground it seems the warmth of the sun makes the plants so happy they burst with joy.  It all happens so fast.  I have been asking the Dogwood Gods to please slow the blooming process down just a bit more so my grandchildren (who will be here Saturday) can see the splashes of white throughout our woods.
Early Dogwood blooms

Blueberry Blossoms

Cherry  Blossoms
The birds are busy.  I have a Chickadee pair in the clay house, the Wrens have chosen a wash tub to nest in and the Bluebirds are in their usual box;; all busy preparing for the little ones to arrive.  The Bluebird male is so attentive.  And we have a nest in our new carport that keeps the rain off the boat and lawnmowers.  I think they might be Starlings, but I will have to keep an eye on it to see.
I hope your are enjoying the arrival of Spring in your area.  It is a tad late for us this year.  Even the Hummingbirds knew to come two weeks later than usual.  How does that happen?
Bluebird house

Chickadee house

New nest under carport

Wren house

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  1. I know it's crazy. If I miss a day, it seems like a ton of new stuff sprouted!